Kingsport Mill Welcomes Retirees for Old-Fashioned Homecoming

Jun 28, 2024 | News

Pictured: Kingsport Mill Manager Troy Wilson (right) recognizes Ray Hammond as the longest-serving retiree in attendance at the homecoming. Hammond worked for the mill for 56 years.

The Kingsport Packaging Mill recently hosted an old-fashioned homecoming for retirees, employees and their families that featured lunch and a tour to see the changes made during the mill’s conversion.  

More than 200 guests attended the celebration, including 70 retirees representing more than 2,700 years of service to the mill. The average length of service for retirees was 38 years. Ray Hammond, who retired in 2020 as an electrical and instrumentation journeyman, had the lengthiest time of service with 56 years of employment.

Retirees were amazed at the mill’s transformation and grateful for the opportunity to see its new processes, all while catching up with friends and colleagues.