Kingsport Mill Observes One Million Hour Mark

Jul 18, 2022 | Construction Updates

The Kingsport Mill is celebrating more than one million hours worked by our onsite construction partners without a lost time incident, a significant milestone in a conversion process that involves 40 different contract companies and more than 1,000 individual contractor employees onsite. 

The million-hour mark includes time worked since the conversion project began in the fall of 2020.

Vice President of Packaging Capital Projects Charlie Floyd noted that the achievement is a testament to the commitment to safe operations that all workers have displayed throughout the project.

“We go through an extensive pre-screening process to ensure we do business with companies that are highly focused on safety,” Floyd said. “We choose to work with companies that exhibit a strong culture and hold themselves to the same standards, goals and objectives that we do.”

One unifying element that has helped provide safety guidance and oversight in the field has been the presence of a team from Management and Construction Solutions (MACS), Inc. With three dedicated safety coordinators, MACS has been onsite throughout the project, working to see that safety procedures are followed and standards are upheld. 

“I’m really proud of the team that we have here,” said Floyd. “I’ll tip my hat to my buddies at MACS. They’re responsible for ensuring everyone on site is always exhibiting the appropriate safety behaviors, and they’re on top of it every day.”

As the project nears completion, expected by the end of 2022, Mill Manager Troy Wilson says sustaining the mill’s strong safety performance will be even more important.

“The real test is still to come as we approach start up,” Wilson said. “Contractors have families and long-term goals just as our own employees do, and we all deserve to work in a safe environment. We have a great team here. As long as we all continue to do our part, we can make sure we complete the project safely.”

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