Our Path Forward

Discover how we’re transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and sustainability at Domtar Kingsport Mill.

Next Steps for Odor Mitigation

Ongoing consultations with wastewater operations experts.

Continued focus on reducing load to the wastewater treatment system.
Regular addition of chemical oxidants to wastewater to minimize odor.
Evaluate additional mechanical aeration for settling zone of lagoon.
Develop lagoon dredge plan for solids removal in the settling zone.
Engineering design underway for alternative long-term wastewater treatment system; initiate applicable environmental permitting.

Additional Projects

Removal of median at truck entrance on Center Street

This will give trucks more room to enter the staging area

Paving of Cloud Park trailer staging area

This will eliminate dusting issues for nearby businesses

Center Street landscaping

Landscaping and beautification project

I-26 signage improvements

This will help trucks navigate to the proper lane to enter our business

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