A Greener Future with Domtar Kingsport Mill

Our Work to Date

Revolutionizing Packaging, Preserving Our Planet

The Kingsport Mill is leading the charge in sustainable packaging solutions, directly addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time. 

Every aspect of the mill was planned with sustainability and circular economy principles in mind, starting with 100% recycled paper materials to manufacture a product. That’s enough recovered fiber to fill the Empire State Building 1.4 times.

Easy Interstate Access

The Kingsport Mill sits in the heart of the city’s downtown. Inbound and outbound trucks routinely traverse busy main roads to reach the mill.

However, thanks to a land swap with the city of Kingsport, the new warehouse and its shipping and receiving hub were relocated directly off Interstate 26, which runs past the mill. That agreement traded the Cloud Park parcel for nearby Cement Hill, a 40-acre plot now available for future sustainable development.

The new location is more convenient for large trucks entering and leaving the mill and alleviates heavy truck traffic downtown, which is better for local businesses and residents. The move eliminated thousands of miles of annual wear and tear on city streets and greatly reduced noise pollution from truck traffic.

Lithium Ion-Powered Industrial Vehicles

Sustainability lives inside the warehouse, too. We switched from traditional propane or lead acid battery-powered vehicles to a fleet of six lithium ion-powered industrial vehicles to reduce the mill’s carbon footprint and offer safety and maintenance benefits.

Lithium-ion batteries power these vehicles more efficiently than propane or lead acid batteries. The new vehicles operate much longer on fewer charging hours and require significantly less routine maintenance.

Concrete from Mill’s Past is Literally the Foundation for Its Future

Building on circular economy principles, we used approximately 31,500 tons of concrete and brick left over from the demolition of the previous mill for the foundation of the new facility.

Instead of making about 1,000 dump truck trips to send that material to a construction waste disposal site, we had it ground down and used as fill in the new warehouse’s construction. The material that was the base of the mill’s more than 100-year history became the foundation for its future.

Timeline of Transformation

Explore key milestones in our journey towards environmental sustainability.


Henry Potter Burt establishes Burt, Boulton Holdings Ltd. in England making railway ties and wharf pilings for projects in Europe and North America.


The success of Burt, Boulton Holdings Ltd. leads to the founding of Dominion Tar and Chemical Company, Ltd. The company’s first facility is a coal tar distillation plant in Nova Scotia.


Dominion Tar and Chemical Company, Ltd. establishes its main office in Montreal, Quebec. 


The business that would eventually become Domtar Kingsport Mill is established as Kingsport Pulp Co. on Clinchfield Road at the end of Main Street. The company originally processes fiber from a wood alcohol extract operation.


A charter establishing the City of Kingsport is signed. James W. Dobyns is the first mayor.


Mead Pulp and Paper Co. acquires Kingsport Pulp Co.


Kingsport Pulp Co. is made a subsidiary of Mead.


The Kingsport Mill officially becomes the Kingsport Division of the Mead Corporation.


Dominion Tar and Chemical Company, Ltd. becomes Domtar Ltd.


Functioning as a division of the Mead Corporation, the Kingsport Mill operates five paper machines, one of which is considered the fastest in the world. 


Domtar Ltd. surpasses $1 billion (Canadian) in sales for the first time.


Willamette Industries acquires the Kingsport Mill.


Now operated by Willamette Industries, the Kingsport Mill is upgraded to make it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 


After being acquired by Weyerhaeuser, the Kingsport Mill is essentially rebuilt. The company invests $475 million to install a new uncoated free-sheet machine, recovery boiler and bleached hardwood pulp line. It is now the most modern paper facility in North America.


Domtar acquires Weyerhaeuser and forms Domtar Corporation. The company operates out of corporate offices in Montreal, Quebec, and Fort Mill, South Carolina. The Kingsport Mill becomes part of the Domtar Corporation.


Domtar Kingsport Mill celebrates 100 years of business in Kingsport. 


The decision is made to convert the Kingsport Mill into a fully sustainable packaging facility, marking the beginning of our green transformation.


Construction commences with the installation of advanced, environmentally friendly machinery designed to minimize waste and energy consumption.


The first production line of sustainable packaging materials goes live, significantly reducing the use of traditional plastics in packaging.


Domtar Kingsport Mill reaches full operational capacity, achieving a major milestone in sustainable production and setting new industry standards.

Domtar Corporation celebrates its 175th anniversary.

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